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Best Linux Training in Delhi

Overview of Linux Training provided by MasteringLinux

MasteringLinux is an initiative by OpenPath, it is an online Linux training program with the aim to provide best-in-class Linux classes remotely for wider reach. OpenPath is a Linux training institute in Delhi, it was established in 2010. We have helped place more than 200 of our students in big corporates and multi-national companies such as TCS, Accenture, etc.

Our only goal is to provide the best Linux training, that is why our courses are designed in such a way that it is easy to understand for even people who are completely unaware of the underlying technicalities of Linux.

All of our courses are suitable for anyone fresh out of B.Tech, BCA, MCA, and technical diploma courses. We provide 100% job assistance to each of our students. OpenPath continues to provide the best Linux training in Delhi as well as across the globe with its MasteringLinux sub-branch.

About MasteringLinux & OpenPath

OpenPath is a Linux institute located in Delhi, it was established in 2010 and has continued to provide the best Linux training in Delhi. We wanted to expand our reach to a larger demographic and that's how we started MasteringLinux. MasteringLinux is an initiative by OpenPath which focuses on online linux training across the globe. Unlike most online linux training platforms we do not give you just some recorded videos, all our courses are taught live so that you can interact with the instructor to clearify any doubts or queries. Live sessions are recorded and distributed amongst the students in the batch.

Key Highlights of MasteringLinux

  • Only Live Sessions
  • Recorded Sessions Provided
  • No Overcrowded Batches
  • Raise Doubts Anytime
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Job Assistance
  • Mentor Support
  • Friendly Team

Career Options Available After Linux Training

Almost every single company with a technical division has some sort of Linux solutions running on their premises. Linux is the most dominant operating system in the server enivronment, 96.3% of the world’s top 1 million servers run on Linux. There is endless scope of career options after Linux Training. Having knowledge of Linux and applications running on it is considered to be an essential skill to have in today's market. We provide full job assistance to all our students to help them grow, in fact more than 200 of our students are placed in highly reputed companies such as HCL, Accenture, TCS, Zimbra, etc.

Placement after Linux Training by OpenPath

Who is Eligible For Our Courses?

There are no strict eligibility criteria for opting for one of our courses. Our courses are specifically designed to provide the information in a very effective and digestible manner. However, it is best suited for students who are fresh out of B.Tech, BCA, MCA, and technical diploma courses. If you're a technical person looking to change your career path you may still enroll to get a deep insight into Linux as all our courses are taught as per industrial standards.

List of Linux Courses Available

We have 3 courses available divided into common interests shown by our students.

System Admin

  • Linux Basics
    Concept of Linux OS
  • Linux Commands
    Essentials Linux Commands
  • Shell Scripting
    Conditionals, Loops etc.
Network Admin

  • Basic Servers
    SSH, FTP, etc.
  • Advance Servers
    LAMP, MAIL, DNS etc.
  • Linux Security
    FIREWALL, OS Hardening etc.
Linux Engineer

  • System Admin
    Everything included in System Admin
  • Network Admin
    Everything included in Network Admin

Free Patch-up Course For Complete Freshers

If you're completely new to the Linux ecosystem you need not worry about fitting in, we provide a patch-up course in which we go through all the basics of the Linux operating system to get you started. This is a completely free course provided to any student who has just begun to learn Linux.

How To Enroll In MasteringLinux?

You may follow the steps given below to enroll in one of our courses:

  • Step 1: Open the course details page by clicking on this link.
  • Step 2: Select the course you want to enroll in.
  • Step 3: Click on the "Purchase Course" button.
  • Step 4: Complete your transaction.

After the transaction is complete our team will reach out to you as soon as possible (usually within 1 business day) to get you started with your course. If you intend to make payment using any other option shown in our payment gateway you may contact us directly using the details given on the contact page.

People residing in Delhi NCR can also opt for offline classes which is more effective for faster and clear understanding, fees of offline classes differ from the prices shown above. Contact us to know more about the same.

Reviews Sent By Our Students

  • Arun Kumar SinghArun Kumar Singh says

    "Trainers are very helpful and delivers knowledge in a very specific manner so that each and everyone ande beginners can understand linux comcept very well.Thanks team alot for your valuable guidance."

  • Akshay NarayanAkshay Narayan says

    "Dont think twice before paying the fees, its totally worth every penny, this is the best linux learning institute i have come across."

  • Prashant YadavPrashant Yadav says

    "Incredible linux institute Changed my career in right direction, Thanking you Openpath."

View more such reviews by our students by visiting the feedback page.

If you have any queries about anything related to our courses please feel free to drop us an email or call us at the given details on the contact page.

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